Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tried the Dish

I decided last night to give the Pollo al Jerez a try last night. Rousing success and very easy. The prep time took longer than the cook time and the sauce was as I remembered, (and didn't need the butter at all).

I served it with a saffron rice and with some deliciously tiny asparagus cooked in a grill pan till slightly charred. Great paring.

I hadn't seen asparagus that thin in decades. A friend of ours had a two tiered bed of asparagus all across the back fence, some 50 ft. of bed in each tier. When harvest time came she'd bring over a bundle of asparagus so thin, fresh and tender you'd eat it raw or just barely steam it. Then, she'd show up the next day with another bunch. Heaven! Betty died over 25 years ago but I still think of her when the season comes. Betty, here's to you.

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