Friday, October 2, 2009

It has been far, far too long since my last blog post.  Life sometimes gets in the way of truly important and delightful things, and sometimes truly important and delightful things get in the way of life.  The delightfully important things interrupting my life right now are Graford and Fiona, our two Border Collie puppies. Graford, age 4 1/2 months and Fiona, age 3 1/2 months are everything you wish for in Border Collies:  intelligent, energetic, people oriented, eager to learn, and NOT OCD!!!!!!

These pups show great promise as kitchen dogs, as they love to lie on the kitchen tiles as we cook.
I did take a break for a retreat at the Mustang Island Episcopal Conference Center. If you get a chance to attend a workshop or retreat there, go!  Hospitality is truly Benedictine, and the food surpasses many fine restaurants.  Plus, the ambiance of the Texas Coast is relaxing.  Be sure they are serving the Fried Shrimp while you are there. Chef Kathy Jansen (and she truly is a chef--not a camp cook) makes the best Fried Shrimp in the world, thanks to the selection of finest shrimp, hand preparation, and the prayers she puts into this and every meal.  Check the website for an upcoming Food for the Soul retreat, where she'll share her secrets.

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