Saturday, January 2, 2010

Food Movies

I'm looking for suggestions for movies about Food and Theology. Don't let the word "theology" throw you. I mean it in the broad sense of life, love, the ultimate, the holy, the good and the beautiful.  If God is mentioned then that's OK but if not, that's OK too.  The main theme is "The Heavenly Banquet"--that is, meals which demonstrate the communion possible (or lack thereof) around a table.

So far I have on the list:
Like Water for Chocolate*
Eat Drink Man Woman*  (Tortilla Soup* in the US version)
Mostly Martha* (European version/ US version is "No Reservations*")
The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover
The Big Night*
Babette's Feast*
Pieces of April
The Wedding Feast
Under a Tuscan Sun *

I don't have Julie and Julia* on the list because it was such a disappointing movie. Read the negative comments on  They are right on and some are funny.

I'm sure there are more out there and I bet you've seen them. Email me or post your suggestions as a comment.

* indicates I've seen the movie


  1. Tea w/ Mussolini? I don't know about food but it has tea.

    Reservations Required (haven't seen it).

    The cartoon w/ the rat (amazing - I loved it) Ratatouille.

    HATED JULIE AND JULIA - I mean really... wanted to kill myself...

  2. ALSO
    La mortadella (Lady Liberty [in America]) w/ Sofia Loren
    Spanglish (he is a chef in it)
    Tortilla Soup
    What's Cooking

    haven't seen any of these
    SHOOT didn't see you had already listed the rat one.

  3. we watched Big Night - thanks to your list. I had seen it but Melanie hadn't. Lovely and fun.

  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. One of my favorites....


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