Saturday, January 2, 2010

Green Chile Stew

In response to an email from my friend Jane, here's the recipe for the Green Chile Stew, at least as best as I can remember.  I looked up several and adapted using my technique.

I began with a roughly three pound Pork Loin Roast  (if you can't find a nice one, use Pork Loin Chops, thick cut). I cut it in roughly 1 inch cubes then mixed in about 2 TBS of mild green Chimayo Chile Powder, and let it marinate for three or four hours.

As it was marinating I roasted about 8-10 large Poblano Peppers in the oven at 450 till the skins were blackened and charred  (google "roasting Poblano Peppers" for various techniques).  Put the hot peppers in a plastic bag till they cooled, then removed the skins, seeded and deveined the peppers and set them aside.

When ready to cook, brown the meat in a pot using a little olive oil. Remove when browned. Add a little more oil and one or two diced onions (this will simmer a long time so use larger dices so they hold up well), and chopped garlic to taste (I like it so used about four large cloves).

When onions begin to soften add the meat back in. Slice the roasted Poblano Peppers and add them.  Add in a couple of handfuls of diced red new potatoes  (I used medium sized potatos, probably 10?  Medium ones cut in six to eight pieces, small ones quartered) I'm guessing a pound and a half, maybe two? Add 1 or 2 tsp. of Mexican Oregano, one 15 oz can of diced tomatoes with their juice, and around 6 cups chicken broth to cover.  Salt and pepper to get things started, I adjust this at the end as well.  You could also add in a can of corn or some frozen corn.  This is "cook what you got" sort of fare.

I used my slow cooker on high setting for 4 hours, then kept warm for a couple more. If doing it on the stove, I'd simmer for at least two hours. Check the broth levels from time to may need more. Also, I added more potatoes about half way into the simmer, as I didn't think the balance looked right initially.  I like mine with the meat and potatoes almost equal proportions.

We ate on this for several days and like all good stews, the flavors matured and blended for several days.  Would be an easy "do a day ahead" meal for a party or gathering.  Serve with tortillas (corn or flour or both).  Let me know how it turns out when you make it.

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