Friday, January 1, 2010

Last Meal of 2009/First of 2010

We ended 2009 with a great meal of Carne Adovada, beans, white rice with peas and carrots and tortillas. Muy Nuevo Mexicana y sabroso. Chile, como siempre, from Chimayo; Beans, of course, were Rancho Gordo heirlooms, Lila variety, which are also known as sabrosos.  They were delicious, though needed a longer soak so had a little texture. They were great and should be absolutely fantastic today.

This morning I made breakfast, as a way of kicking off 2010.  I had some Spanish chorizo left over from a smokey fish chowder recipe we tried last week.  I diced the chorizo, browned it in a dry skillet, reserved it and blotted on paper towels to remove the excess grease and poured off the grease in the pan, wiping it out to remove most of it.  I added a little olive oil (from the seasoned feta which I'll mention later)--maybe a teaspoon--and sauted some minced red onion just until soft. Returned the chorizo to the pan and added a few tablespoons of the feta  (coursely chopping the chunks) along with some of the rosemary and sun dried tomatoes from the container.  Scrambled in four eggs and made some three seed toast from a baker at the Pearl Farmer's Market.  I hope that 2010 is half as good as the breakfast!  If so, it's going to be a very good year.

The Seasoned Feta was a find the last time we went to Pearl Farmers Market. It is by CKC Farms in Blanco.  The owners, Chrissy & Adriana Omo, had photos of their huevos con feta made with this delightful feta, which is seasoned in olive oil, some rosemary, sundried tomatoes and  other spices. They also had photos of their herd of goats, who provide the milk. Obviously much love went into this cheese. They hope to open the farm to visitors in 2010 and we plan to pay them a visit to meet the goats and border collies who tend them.  Chrissy and Adriana are delightful, enthusiastic and engaging with great spirits.  Pay them a visit if you go to Pearl.

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